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  May 2007 Newsletter  
2006 6th grade Math textbook ratings

Texas approved these 6th grade Math programs for 2007 local adoption.

BEST  Saxon Math – Course 1   • Harcourt Achieve ©2007
GOOD  Math – Course 1   • McDougal ©2007
FAIR  Holt Math – Course 1   • Holt ©2007
FAIR  Texas Math – Course 1   • Prentice ©2008
POOR  Texas Math – Course 1   • Glencoe ©2007
VERY POOR  Everyday Math   • McGraw ©2004     NONCONFORMING*
WORST  Connected Math 2   • Prentice ©2008

This ranking shows how much practice those programs provide in adding, subtracting, multi­plying, and dividing fractions and decimals; how quickly they teach problem-solving meth­ods; and how well they build personal math skills. It applies to grades 7-8 too, since each respective program will repeat there the pedagogies identified in grade 6. Along with our sum­mary comparison chart on those, we can furnish you with 11 more pages of detailed docu­men­tation backing our ranking. Read more about these programs in our May 2007 newsletter.

Publishers tout teaching aides. We stress subject matter content. Publishers tell you their strengths. We include their weaknesses. No textbook pub­lisher funds us in any way. We have no financial stake in the textbook industry. Unlike publisher sales reps, we have no monetary interest in any adoption outcome. Our support comes from individuals and a few small foun­dations, which to our knowledge have no ties to any textbook company.

* The Texas textbook review panel found that Everyday Math was "nonconforming" because it meets only 64.10% of Texas' 6th grade Math TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) course standards.
See pp. 1-3 of the panel's findings.

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