another specific Biblical absolute in a human behavioral science
Standard theological ed omits specific Biblical absolutes of taxation, and hence of private property — a huge vacuum. Private property rights are vital to human liberty and exert Trinitarian Christocentric restraints on man's nature and state power. What government taxes, it effectively owns. Formal title to taxed objects in private hands confers no real ownership. Refusal to pay levies on them means confiscation by the state, their real owner. One only rents such items from rulers forever.
In socialism, rulers control the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. That includes state redistribution of wealth via progressive income-, property-, and estate/inheritance-taxes (“you make it, they take it”). Slick socialists may claim Scripture supports these. But smart, self-taught laymen Bible students know:
A graduated tax which wealth itself need not pay is not a graduated tax on wealth (Lev. 4:1-6:7; 12:2-8; 27:1-32), but instead on something else.
  • The value of required sin-offerings was graduated according to the sinner's political or economic eminence, but the actual amount of sin-offerings required depended on the frequency of one's sin, not on one's wealth. A poor man might pay more than a rich man.
  • Trespass-offerings were required at a flat rate regardless of offenders' wealth. The 120% restitution was based on the harm of the trespass, not on trespassers' wealth.
  • Purification offerings after child-birth were partly graduated on the basis of wealth, but their actual frequency depended on number of births, not on degree of wealth. Wealthy childless couples never offered these. Poor couples with large families offered them often.
  • The price of release from fulfilling a vow taken concerning oneself was fixed on a flat-rate sliding scale based on the vow-taker's sex and age or, if poor, on the priest's estimate of his ability to pay. The price of release either from the payment of regular tithes or from a vow concerning one's goods was 120% of the goods tithed or vowed. Payment depended not on the vower's or tither's affluence, but on how often he wished to void his obligation.
Where non-Trinitarian gurus attain
regrettable credible status,
A DAMNing eternity darkly disdains
their non-Christocentric afflatus.

God's Spirit-sharp Word
slays dull humanist wit
For all with an angst for assessing;
As dire as one deigns to delineate it,
As fraught as you fain at finessing.

At judgment day's bar
be it far from each one,
whose indolence fuels combustion,
Where "wood, hay, and stubble"
disgracefully sum
their non-Christocentric productions.
Bid shame on all Christians
who sheepishly bow
To secular interpretations,
While irreconcilable scripture avows
Tri-Unity throughout creation.

Ingenious biblicists' scintillant beams
burst brilliantly bright pyrotechnics.
Deductions elucidate
dazzling themes –
Illuminative phosphorescents.

Inspect and select
and perfect and inject
effulgencing Christo-concentrics
whose radiant lightning-
bolt flashings project
apocalypse-blazing flammatics.