Evolutionary Biology textbooks:
Bankrupt Behavioral Science on Origins

Hard natural empirical science involves objective analysis – detached investigation, quantification, and classification (inductive reasoning), as in chemistry and physics. Soft human behavioral science includes subjective motivations – assumed values, attitudes, tastes, and preferences (deductive reasoning), as in sociology and psychology.
On origins, evolutionary Biology textbooks are
models of rhetoric in soft human behavioral science,
not manuals of research in hard natural empirical science,
because they OPPORTUNISTICALLY claim that …
“The uniformitarian present* is the key to the past.”
(*i.e., long ages)
The non-uniformitarian past** is the key to the present.
(**i.e., life from non-life)
Is the uniformitarian present the key to a non-uniformitarian past, and vice versa?
If the present is uniformitarian, why was not the past?
If the past was non-uniformitarian, why is not the present?
Because each of the two circularly-reasoned conflicting claims above is
supposedly true only if and when it upholds evolutionary Biology on origins,
and allegedly false only if and when it upends evolutionary Biology on origins.
But if the present, like the past, is non-uniformitarian, long ages may be unnecessary. Or if the past, like the present, was uniformitarian, life did not arise from non-life.
If both clashing statements above are equally true, they are likewise equally false, because they are mutually exclusive. “Uniformitarian non-uniformitarianism” and “non-uniformitarian uniformitarianism” are their inevitable reductio ad absurdum.
With philosophical naturalism the mandated end and a nature-centered view of origins the necessary means, chaos, illogic, contradiction, incoherence, irrationality, and self-refutation taint evolutionary Biology textbooks on origins.
Feigned synthesis of the two antitheses above, with non-sequitur evolutionary origins premised on philosophical naturalism, is quasi-religious pseudo-science.
Any total view of reality is a religion. Not all religions are theistic.
On origins, evolutionary Biology textbooks tout philosophical naturalism,
not the study of nature; and pitch soft human behavioral science,
not hard natural empirical science.
Epitaph for a Tattered TEXTile
'Midst this flawed cloth a snag doth run.
When tugged, with warp and woof undone,
That fatal thread relentlessly
Unravels the whole tapestry.
It frays, by false assumptions roiled;
It rips, by cynic crafters spoiled –
Strategic stitchings cleft apart,
A ragged fabric, shredded art.
Asunder thru these blunders torn
From self-destructive weaving worn,
No emperor's new clothes can hide
Such naturalistic suicide.