Genesis read as Symbolic Poetry = Anti-Christian Elitism
Genesis read as Literal History = Christocentric Democracy

(1) TROJAN HORSE: Like some of the Book of Revelation, some of Genesis supposedly needs non-literal interpreting. (1) VIRUS SCAN: Unlike in Revelation, anti-Christian humanism,* stealth Unitarianism,** and naturalistic naiveté*** infect non-literal readings of Genesis.
(2) OPTIMISM ON HUMAN NATURE: Non-literal interpretations of Genesis are allegedly sound, according to … (2) PESSIMISM ON HUMAN NATURE: Non-literal interpretations of Genesis are suspect, based on …
(3) ANTI-CHRISTIAN HUMANISM*: Man is good, needing no divine Savior. (3) CHRISTIAN ANTI-HUMANISM: Man is corrupt, needing a divine Savior.
(4) RELATIVISM: Non-literal interpretations of Genesis claim an absolute Source of Truth (i.e., God) but have no absolute Content of Truth, save what interpreters say. (4) ABSOLUTISM: Literal Truth always has the same absolute Content (i.e., Scripture understood literally) as well as the same absolute Source (i.e., God).
(5) REVISABILITY: Interpretations are ever prone to revision.(5) IMMUTABILITY: Literal meanings never change.
(6) SERVILITY: Non-literal interpretations of Genesis kowtow to atheistic evolutionary Biology.(6) INDEPENDENCE: God's supernatural Word forever trumps human naturalistic tentativity.
(7) PLASTICITY OF CHRIST: If interpretation of God's written Word evolves, so does Christ His Personal Word.(7) CONSISTENCY OF CHRIST: Literal Truths of God's written Word never evolve, nor does Christ His Personal Word.
(8) STEALTH UNITARIANISM**: If God is changeless while Christ evolves and the Holy Spirit teaches morphing Truth, Christ and the Holy Spirit are not God.(8) STARK TRINITARIANISM: Christ and the Holy Spirit are changeless like God the Father, all three being co-equal.
(9) NATURALISTIC NAIVETÉ***: Interpreting Genesis to ape “theistic evolution” requires …(9) UNMASKING UNNATURALISM: Theistic evolution (i.e., “supernaturalistic naturalism” or “unnatural natural selection”) is logically impossible.
(10) COGNITIVE DISSONANCE: Thinking like anti-Christians though believing as a Christian is schizophrenic.(10) RENEWED HEARTS BUT NOT MINDS: No man can serve two masters, nor can a divided house stand, nor can two who disagree walk together.
(11) EXCLUSION: Few can perceive true meanings.(11) INCLUSION: All can perceive true meanings.
(12) CRYPTIC CODETALK: Literal meanings of words may not be their real meanings.(12) OCCAM'S RAZOR: The simplest possible meanings – i.e., literal meanings – are best.
(13) DISCRIMINATION: The Holy Spirit teaches some Christians.(13) NO PREFERENCES: The Holy Spirit teaches all Christians.
(14) SUBJECTIVISM: Different non-literal interpretations of Genesis clash, because …(14) OBJECTIVISM: Democratic literalists automatically agree, because …
(15) CONFUSION: The Holy Spirit purportedly teaches different Christians different non-literal interpretations.(15) HARMONY: The Holy Spirit actually teaches all Christians the same meanings.
(16) DOUBT: Conflicting non-literal interpretations of Genesis cannot all be right, and must sow discord.(16) TRUST: Shyster-proof democratic literalism clarifies obvious right and wrong.
(17) QUASI-PRIESTHOODS: Self-appointed pseudo-experts broker non-literal interpretations of Genesis.(17) NO GATEKEEPERS: In-groups and outsiders freely and equally access Truth.
(18) PECKING ORDER: Credential-mongering certifies non-literal interpretations of Genesis.(18) NO SPECIAL PERKS: Union cards are unneeded to know Truth.
(19) FACTIONALISM: By their fruits ye shall know them – schools of thought, skepticism, agnosticism, cynicism.(19) UNANIMITY: Democratic literalists shun empire-building rivalries.
(20) MARKETEERING: Profit-seeking non-literal interpreting of Genesis follows the money (e.g., academic positions, book sales, lecture fees).(20) NO SALESMANSHIP: Democratic literalists do not institutionalize or self-hype.