Educational Research Analysts  November 2007 Newsletter 
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conceptual resolution

if any man
be in Christ …
are become
II Corinthians 5:17

Christian students want to know what the truth is, and what difference it makes on the subject. In Christian education, THE BEST VIEW OF THE FACTS IS THE ONE THAT MOST STRESSES CHRIST'S LORDSHIP. Public school texts, used in many Christian schools, all flunk at this. Christian school books that we have reviewed could be better stewards of it. Our May 06 newsletter showed a more excellent way for Christian U.S. History texts. There, trinitarianism harmonized much otherwise seemingly unrelated info, previewing the perfect knowledge of eternity. Inside here we take the Christian education pulse of the A Beka and Bob Jones high school American Government books.
comprehensive realignment
These programs should not overlay brief Biblical concepts on a secular subject, but metamorphize the subject by DESECULARIZING IT to reflect the Lordship of Christ. In the following pages, the deity of Christ and its corollary, the pessimistic view of human nature, transform perspectives on many issues great and small, from U.S. constitutional

I make
Revelation 21:5

history and foreign affairs to spe­cific public policy questions on police powers, interstate com­merce, antitrust. This spurns public school Government textbooks' fixation on centralization or individ­ualism, in favor of the Lordship of Christ over both. Christian educa­tion is at war with secularism and cannot serve two masters.
instructional integrity

… that in
He might
have the
Colossians 1:18

The Lordship of Christ changes teaching methods. To help students judge data on a topic, Christian textbooks must define specific Biblical principles on it – "specific" Biblical principles being those that answer questions which ONLY SUBJECT AREA SPECIALISTS WOULD THINK TO ASK (such as on pages 2-6 within). Students cannot reliably iden­tify these principles on their own, cannot accurately tell truth from error in their sources by themselves, cannot fairly be held accountable for failure at this if unaided. Assignments that ask students to respond or to do research, without specific Biblical principles clearly in hand from the start, ignore the Lordship of Christ, Who is also the Word of God.

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