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Social Studies textbook ratings
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  Elementary Social Studies           
 2003:  5th grade Social Studies ratings PDF  Request more information on ©2003 5th grade Social Studies textbooks 
 1997:  Elementary Social Studies ratings

  Middle School Social Studies           
 2006:  8th grade California U.S. History ratings  PDF

  High School U.S. History           
 Review Criteria for U.S. History books
      • Sample criteria in November 2000 newsletter, pages 2-3 (.PDF)
      • Sample criteria in July 2000 newsletter, page 2 (.PDF)

 2006:  Christian High School U.S. History books reviewed  PDF
 2003:  High School U.S. History ratings  PDF
           Request more information on ©2003 high school U.S. History texts 

  High School World History           
 Review Criteria for World History books PDF
 1999:  High School World History ratings  PDF
 Warning! Verify your 1999 World History book is error free.
 Examples of Factual Errors in ©1999 World History books from our May 1999 newsletter   pdf 1 2
 Request more information on ©1999 World History textbooks 

  High School Economics           
 Review Criteria for U.S. Government and Economics books
      • from July 2000 newsletter, page 2 (.PDF)
 2009:  Christian High School Economics books reviewed
 2002:  High School Economics ratings 
 1995:  High School Economics ratings 

  High School Government           
 2007:  Christian High School American Government books reviewed